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A Conversation on Growth Mindset and Future Impact

Andrea Learned and I have been collaborators and friends for over 20 years. We schedule regular calls to discuss things in our overlapping worlds of digital communications, business books, leadership trends, and more. During our annual birthday call in March, we noticed some converging themes in our work, and Andrea decided to capture parts of… Read more »

The big Why.

Why does your organization exist? Why should anyone care that it does? Why do you do what you do every day? I love Simon Sinek’s TED Talk and book, Start with Why. Understanding the why of your brand or business provides a clear vision that can inspire you and your team, and — as you… Read more »

Joy Panos Stauber, Stauber Brand Studio, Chicago IL

Joy is now a mentor at 2112 Chicago.

Joy has joined the Mentor Program at 2112 Chicago, a creative industry ecosystem. She’s excited to join other mentors in supporting entrepreneurs as they work to launch new businesses and brands. On the first Friday of every month, she’ll take questions about brand communications, strategy, design, messaging, and planning. She’s also happy to talk about the ins-and-outs… Read more »

Why every company should be a design company.

Design is about much more than how your brand communications look. A well-executed design strategy can create a distinct, cohesive vision and brand experience — on every level, at every touchpoint, internally and externally. Using design to its fullest is not just about creating tangible brand communications such as annual reports and websites. It’s about creating an… Read more »

A strategic view for growth.

When preparing for new phases of growth, it’s critical to have a clear picture of your brand’s value to customers, what channels are best reaching them (or not), where your competitive advantage lies, and where there are gaps in what customers want— a.k.a. your growth opportunities! 800-CEO-READ came to us at time when its competitive… Read more »

Thinking about a new brand name? Consider its sound.

It may seem like common sense that the sound of a name matters. We all have gut reactions to words and that reaction is related to not only meaning, but also to sound. Sound can convey brand characteristics just as words and visuals do. If you are creating a new brand or renaming an existing… Read more »

Escape PowerPoint purgatory. (Yes, you can.)

There’s been a lot written about bad PowerPoint presentations. No need to rehash that here! What can be done instead? There are new tools every day, and they all have pros and cons. Our client, Radius Global Market Research, wanted a new type of sales presentation. A more interactive, elegant, and integrated way to deliver a… Read more »

Recognition in American Graphic Design Awards

Move Forward: In the Books 2015 has been selected — for the 8th consecutive year — to the American Graphic Design Awards. This piece contains the incredibly helpful 800-CEO-READ Business Book Awards, a gathering of the best books in a range of business categories — Leadership & Strategy, Management, Marketing & Sales, Innovation & Creativity, Personal Development, Finance &… Read more »

What does “Business Value” mean?

The Art of Business Value by Mark Schwartz challenges conventional wisdom about what it means to deliver value and the relationship of the IT organization to the rest of the enterprise. We worked with publisher IT Revolution to create a book that is atypical in the IT category. The design direction for the book’s cover and interior… Read more »