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When did we forget that business is about people?

I was at a conference this morning with three presenters. The first talked about how the ways in which companies are organized affects end user brand experiences. He showed lots of enterprise diagrams. He had beautiful slides with iceberg diagrams, to show all that is hidden below the surface. He said lots of jargon and… Read more »

6 tips for building community around your brand.

Journalist Julie Bawden Davis was looking for insight for her article, Building Community Around Your Brand, and included some of Joy’s comments. Building community around a brand has always happened and has always been important, but has become more so over the past 10 to 15 years. As Bowden states, “Advertising your company and its offerings isn’t… Read more »

Hello, design students. Looking for an internship?

We are looking for a junior or senior year student who wants to be a paid design intern. Working as an intern at SBS would allow you to be exposed to a variety of projects and gain hands-on experience in a collaborative, idea-driven environment. Responsibilities include Design and production assistance a variety of external and… Read more »

Using a Purpose Framework to help shape your brand.

Shaping a brand doesn’t have to be a months-long onerous process. We just wrapped up a Brand Story Platform project with a new client and used a Purpose Framework to get to the deep purpose of their brand and bring it to the forefront so that they can • inspire and align internal teams •… Read more »

More Excellence from Tom Peters.

Tom Peters says (threatens? cajoles?) that he’s going to keep writing about Excellence until people start to listen. So get reading and listening. You can find an incredible trove of his thoughts on Excellence, organized in 18 categories, at the new . We worked with Tom’s team to design a cohesive website architecture and page… Read more »

The non-marketers in your company are marketers.

One of our clients asked us to present to their internal leadership group about marketing. Our audience was people who do the day-to-day work of serving customers — not people who have the word “marketing” in their job title. It was a great conversation about marketing and brand experience. Here are some ideas we discussed… Read more »

A conversation on growth mindset and future impact.

Andrea Learned and I have been collaborators and friends for over 20 years. We schedule regular calls to discuss things in our overlapping worlds of digital communications, business books, leadership trends, and more. During our annual birthday call in March, we noticed some converging themes in our work, and Andrea decided to capture parts of… Read more »


Why does your organization or brand exist? Why should anyone care that it does? Why do you do what you do every day? I love Simon Sinek’s TED Talk and book, Start with Why. Understanding the why of your brand or business provides a clear vision that can inspire you and your team , and — as you plan the… Read more »

Joy Panos Stauber, Stauber Brand Studio, Chicago IL

Joy is now a mentor at 2112 Chicago.

Joy has joined the Mentor Program at 2112 Chicago, a creative industry ecosystem. She’s excited to join other mentors in supporting entrepreneurs as they work to launch new businesses and brands. On the first Friday of every month, she’ll take questions about brand communications, strategy, design, messaging, and planning. She’s also happy to talk about the ins-and-outs… Read more »

Why every company should be a design company.

Design is about much more than how your brand communications look. A well-executed design strategy can create a distinct, cohesive vision and brand experience — on every level, at every touchpoint, internally and externally. Using design to its fullest is not just about creating tangible brand communications such as annual reports and websites. It’s about creating an… Read more »