How do we help our clients?

Joy and Melinda

Joy Panos Stauber (right) founded the firm in 2003. She and Melinda Cross (left) are the core of a group with expertise across all facets of marketing, communications and design for nimble, evolving brands.

We serve clients who are launching a new brand or forming a new initiative. Those who are at a fork in the road and want a clear idea of their business. Those who understand the value of building a clear brand story across a range of media/channels. Our approach and capabilities helps clients navigate growth with a strong brand communications platform.

We build strong, flexible, extensible brand platforms and identities.

We help clients create and realize their brand.

We are systems thinkers who build “brands with legs” so your marketing can adapt to a range of media/channels and evolve with your next level of growth. A clear brand architecture, the right communication strategy, and a well-devised visual and verbal language give your brand the tools it needs to forge meaningful connections. Across all touchpoints of your customer’s journey and your brand’s marketplace. Across all communication channels: print, website, email, social media, events, and more.

We’re their lean, mean external marketing and creative team.

In collaboration with our clients, our team creates, plans, and executes a range of communication, marketing, media and content plans; SEO and SEM; design and writing for print and digital; and allied services — the gamut of marketing, creative, and website development services a growth mindset business needs for strategic, unified, effective brand marketing.

We create clarity via compelling concepts and excellent execution.

Our world is full of distracting messages and myriad communications options. It is more important than ever to give people clear and compelling points of entry and clear paths through brand messages. You need to convey your big idea and your difference distinctly and quickly — which requires a clear strategy and excellent execution, every step of the way.

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